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Rental Policies



Customer or authorized party acknowledges that he/she has or will have the opportunity to personally inspect the rental items prior to use and finds it suitable to customer’s needs.

Damage/Loss Responsibility

Customer is responsible for any damages to rental items while being in the customer’s care. Customer will indemnify Andco Rentals, LLC for any damage, theft, or misuse of the items.

General Policies

All rental charges are based upon the confirmed reservation and time out for items. Refunds cannot be issued for unused items. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the following is correct on the invoice: name, address, dates, times and quantity of items.

Equipment will be inspected before it leaves the warehouse and when it returns.

All equipment is cleaned prior to rental and must be returned in the same condition to avoid a minimum $75.00 cleaning fee.

Pick-up and/or delivery is free up to 20 miles on event rental items $250.00 and over. Linens are excluded and cannot count towards the $250.00 minimum. We require all orders to be at least $250.00 for delivery anywhere.


Estimates DO NOT guarantee availability of rental equipment.

*A 50% deposit is required for all rental orders.

The order will not be finalized until payment has been completed. Final payment is due 7 days before the event. For any last-minute rental orders made within the same week of the event, full payment will need to be made.

Any changes to your order must be submitted 48 hours prior to delivery/pickup of the event. Additional processing fees will be added for any last-minute changes. This also applies to cancellation fees.


Please see Rental Contract for specific terms and conditions. If the weather prohibits Andco Rentals or causes a delay within the given time frame, a refund will NOT be issued. Andco Rentals cannot control the weather and the inconveniences that may occur.

Note: Andco Rentals does offer the customer up to 1 year to reschedule their event due to bad weather. This excludes linens. We send out for our linens to provide a large variety and we have to pay for those whether they are used or not.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Check
If a customer pays in cash, then a credit card must be on file. The customer authorizes Andco Rentals to pre-authorize a charge or hold dependent upon the total amount of rental items. If a customer pays with a check, a copy of the driver’s license, address, state, and date of birth
must be included.

If a check is unable to be processed, Andco Rentals has the right to report it as insufficient funds.

If Andco Rentals processes a check and it is unable to go through, then a $35.00 return check fee will be incurred.

3.35% will added to credit card transactions which is subject to change depending on the credit card company’s current fee.

Credit and Debit Card Authorization

Taxes and Fees

The customer irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes Andco Rentals to immediately submit payment on the credit card. This also applies to outstanding balances the customer may have.

Customers are responsible for paying sales taxes and fees applicable to the rental of items.


This contract may be signed in multiple counterparts, each of which will be deemed valid and enforceable. For this purpose, facsimile and electronic signatures will be deemed the
equivalents of originals.

Equipment Failure

In the event any of the equipment begins to fail, becomes unsafe, or is in need of repairs; the customer agrees to immediately discontinue the use of equipment. Please contact our office at
(936) 776-3394 to notify us. If it is after hours, please leave a voicemail. We are notified of voicemails via email. There will be no refunds on any rental equipment unless the customer notifies Andco Rentals about the problem immediately.

Property damage

Andco Rentals does its best to protect your property during the delivery, installation, and removal process. Customer agrees to release Andco Rentals for any liability towards damage of property due to delivery, installation, and removal of equipment. This includes, but is not limited
to, scratches or cracks on the installed surface, high wind related damage, driveways, lawns, sprinkler systems, gardens, septic tanks, drain fields and/or flowerbeds because of on-the-job
deliveries or set ups.

Preparation of site

Customer agrees to have the site free and clear of all obstacles, natural and man-made, prior towards the arrival of Andco Rentals.

Customer Pick Up and Return

Customer must present a valid ID when picking up rental items at Andco Rentals location. If the customer cannot pick up the rental items and would like to add another party, Andco Rentals must have the other party’s name, phone number, and valid ID. Additional party must be 18 years of age or older.

The customer is responsible for loading and unloading rental items in the vehicle. If the customer needs assistance to load and unload rental items in a vehicle, Andco Rentals is not responsible for any scratches, damage, personal property in or out of the vehicle, and if the straps become undone when the customer leaves.

If the customer does NOT have the right vehicle to pick up rental items and DOES NOT arrange otherwise this would be non-refundable.

Customer agrees to return the rental items to Andco Rentals location during regular store hours.

All weekend rentals are due back on Monday before noon. If rental items are not returned before then, a late fee of $45.00 will be incurred per day as well as possible additional days added to the rental period.

Delivery and Pick Up

Our regular delivery and pick up times are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-7:00PM. Saturday is by scheduled appointment only. Sundays, holidays, and after hours will be charged at a higher rate. These may be changed at OUR discretion.

An estimated delivery time frame is given to the customer 48 hours prior to the event. Customer will receive a text message or a phone call with an approximate delivery time frame and update of the driver’s whereabouts.

Last-minute delivery orders will have an additional non-negotiable fee of $25.

Andco Rentals employees CANNOT control any road complications such as weather, traffic, accidents, etc.

Deliveries are made to the closest point where the delivery truck can park. Extra fees will be applied to deliveries inquiring going up the stairs, elevator use, or at any point where extra time is involved.

Rentals will only be delivered to the garage door or front door, if an alley is not accessible. Employees are not authorized to leave rental items inside of a customer’s home.

If the customer is unavailable to receive the items at the time of delivery and another party is available, then the person receiving the items must be 18 years of age or older with a proper ID.
If rental items are inside of a customer’s home, then it must be left outside in a secure sight for employees to pick up.

Our service does NOT include set up and tear down of tables and chairs. If this service is required, arrangements should be made prior to delivery/pick up with an updated price quote. Tables and chairs MUST BE knocked down, stacked, and ready for pick up. Additional fees will
be applied if these conditions are not met.

Before and After Hours Pick Up

An additional charge will be incurred if rental items need to be delivered and picked up either before or after office hours.

Sundays: $300.00
Holidays: $300.00
Evenings: From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm: $200.00
Licenses, Permits, and Fines

Customers shall be solely responsible for payment of any licenses, permits and/or fines, required by or resulting from the customer’s use or operation of the rental items.

Disclaimer of Warrants

Andco Rentals does not provide a warranty that all rental items are always brand new and free of latent defects for the customers intended use. Andco Rentals is also not responsible for any defect or failure that occurs if not notified. The customer must notify Andco Rentals for any failure or defect of the rental items. If Andco Rentals determines that the rental items are
functioning properly, with no defects, then no adjustments will be made to the rental fee charged to the customer.

Electric power and lighting

Customer agrees to furnish Andco Rentals access to the customer’s electrical and power supply for the installation and operation of the rental items.


Any decorations that have been placed on tables/chairs will need to be removed before returning to Andco Rentals. Decorations are known to leave a residue or stain. The customer will be charged a cleaning fee or a replacement fee for a table or chair if such instances occur.


Before tent installation, it is the customers responsibility to:

Notify Andco Rentals in advance of the type of area the tent installation will occur. The types of areas include grass, concrete, and asphalt.

Measure in advance to ensure there is adequate space for a tent set up. (We also provide a service to come out and measure the tent area for $75.00 plus mileage). It is important to consider any trees that are in the way of the tent. If there are any overhanging tree branches that may interfere, it is recommended to trim beforehand.

If a customer fails to measure tent area/space correctly and tent does not fit this will result in an extra delivery fee and labor fee.

Obtain any necessary permits required by the city, county, and/or state.

Mark all underground utilities and obstacles such as: gas, electrical, water, irrigation,
plumbing, and landscaping. It is recommended to call Texas 811 to perform a Line Locate at least 1 week prior of the event. If this is not done, then the customer does not hold Andco Rentals liable for any damages or repairs to subsurface utilities/lines and/or site property. Andco
Rentals staff will take precautions if any digging or staking is required.

Mark the site where the tent installation will occur. Once the tent has been installed it cannot be moved. If the customer requests for the tent to be moved, an additional fee of the original rental price will be incurred.

Provide a flat clear area free of sharp objects, debris (including pet fecal matter), toys, and non-rental items, including, but not limited to furniture, vehicles, plants, lights, etc. (If the customer fails to do so, before our Andco Rentals staff arrives at the site, an additional fee will incur $100.00).

After the event is over, is it the customer’s responsibility to:
Remove and clear underneath the tent of any decorations, debris (including pet fecal matter and food), toys, or non-rental items including, but not limited to furniture, vehicles, plants, lights, etc. (If the customer fails to do so, before Andco Rentals staff arrives at the site, an additional fee will incur of $100.00).

*NOTE: NO cooking is permitted under or within the tent. Must be at least ten feet from tent.

Tent Weather Related Risks

Andco Rentals does NOT set up in high winds or heavy rain for the safety of our employees and your property. Tents are not intended to be used as shelter from severe weather; this includes storms, lightning, moderate to severe wind, heavy rains, snow, icing/sleet, gas leak, earth
movement, fire, or any condition that may raise doubt of the structural integrity of the tent are immediate signs that an evacuation is necessary. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their guests’ safety.

NOTE: If sidewalls have been installed to the tent and high winds are occurring, Andco Rentals is not responsible for the flapping or billow that can occur.

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